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Spinalpalm x Yu-Gi-Oh!

Posted by Spinalpalm - April 1st, 2021


Been holding onto the news for a while now. So happy to finally be able to release this news to the world, especially Newgrounds- my day 1 homebase on the internet. This seriously wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for all the dope support from everyone on the site over the years and all the inspiration to continue growing and working on my art, idk where Id be without every single one of you. This community is my family and the life-long friendships Ive made off the connections on here and at meetups like Picoday have all felt like they have lead me to this destination.

As you all are probably fully aware, Yu-Gi-Oh has been my main artistic inspiration since it first aired. I pretty much live and breathe Yu-Gi-Oh! I never leave home in fact without my custom exodia-chu medallion and badass Joey lunch box! My love for the property is more than apparent when you see the entire backside of my body, which has been inked top to bottom with all the faces of my favorite characters from the manga and all the monsters I loved to draw when I was practicing as a kid. Yugi kinda feels like such an integral part of me its like hes really there with me- through thick and thin! I'm getting way too ahead of myself however. This is hopefully just the start to what the future may hold in the deck for myself, Chris Gassler, and the small Spinalpalm team we've assembled, 29 on staff as of today!


I was approached with this deal back in September and we wanted to take all the necessary time to nail every detail and pour on my characters body. Im very stinky as I refuse to bathe (at least with soup) in real life and we really tried to capture that with the whole bg and the radiating stink lines around the little Toon Chris. The most accurate detail that I can't believe the team put on was my perfect triple tooth grin, since I lost all the other side, and back teeth in my mouth chewing on rocks I really wanted the 3 teeth I have left to just pop out at you and I think the white definitely accomplishes this. If you think about it, white really is the best color for teeth, even tho mine are kinda brown and yellow irl. oh well

Once again thank you, and I hope you enjoy playing with the Pink Bastard himself, lil ol' me :3 <3

(link below, cards selling out quick, expect restocking in 2-3 months)




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