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~Hey there, I'm Chris Gassler, I'm a standup comedian and I also upload animation and art under the alias 'Spinalpalm'.
I also do other stuff sometimes

Chris Gassler @Spinalpalm

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location: NJ

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Hi Everyone!

I haven't made an official post about my Patreon here yet.

Its something I've considered doing for a while. It would be ideal for me to be able to focus on more stuff I want to make and this is a way you can directly help me in doing that.

I post frequent updates for anyone who wants to follow and support my art, is interested in the process, or maybe wants to learn and get into animation themselves.

I want to make as much content for what you give so its worth donating. I feel the way I planned it out should give a fair amount of exclusive content to patrons. I wouldn't feel justified having it any other way.

The last Patreon update posted was an animation blog explaining where I'm at with the latest cartoon in progress and also a download to the .Fla project file for the 'My Throne Room' video that I just uploaded to here. It'd be awesome if you could take a moment to check out the patron tiers/ rewards and see what I am offering. Im aiming to do a lot more in the future and having support on Patreon would help me tremendously with accomplishing that. (link to page below)


If you can't/ don't want to pledge anything that's totally fine.

Whenever I am able to put out content It will always be free on here and available to the public. In the end all I really want is to make what I like to make, and entertain people with my stuff. I appreciate the support to everyone who's been following me or is just finding me now.

Thank you all for continuing to watch and support my weird videos and art. <3

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Opening up commissions for the first time! Gunna try this out and see how it goes, as long as this post is up for they'll still be open I'm thinkin'. If you need something made please don't hesitate to send me a DM or email me at: Spinalpalm@gmail.com


~ A big/small Spinalpalm Update: Got a bunch of new 'toons brewing for 2020. Been gearing up and preparing for my internet comeback! My standup has been my main focus the last 2 years and is the reason why I've been MIA online for a while. I've wanted to be a standup comedian my entire life and I've been living the dream preforming all across the US. I've been having the time of my life, entertaining people is truly the greatest job in the world. Animation and Comedy have always been my two biggest passions and I don't intent to quit either for as long as I live.

Expect a post in the future linking a new Youtube where I'll be uploading my standup sets, live action skits with other comics, animated bits I've retired from my act, and behind the scenes of the comedy scene. The animated bits I'll be posting to Newgrounds. Might also post some longer show sets I record on the audio portal.

I started a podcast with my girlfriend and fellow comic I came up with, Alexandra Izzi. We have a podcast called The Bobcast Podcast. Just started it the other week and were still working out the kinks/ getting the feel for the medium but that's going to be somewhere I'll be putting up content in the future as well. It's a comedy- oriented podcast where we'll discuss dumb stuff that we think is funny and we'll be interviewing other comedians.




We're also on Spotify and Itunes.

Other than that I just want to say thank you to everyone who's been waiting on new content for the last.. what has it been now... like a year? Oh geez, alright back to work! Take it eeze y'al <3 Love youuuuuu~ *muah*


TLDR: Im back bitch ❤