Hey, im Chris Gassler!
A standup comedian & Newgrounds guy!
My direction in life became set after finding NG when I was 5, I was inspired to make toons, art, preform, design, write & create
NG was my launch pad to live my dreams!
♾️Newgrounds forever!♾

Chris Gassler @Spinalpalm

Age 27, Male

Standup Comedian

location: NJ

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Well this is embarrassing. And rightfully so.

For those unaware or reading in this at a later date. I fudged up big time yall..I took to multiple social medias as a way to try and cause a stir and provoke people to follow my standup comedy pages. Its been 6 years and very little progress made on the exposure side of the business. Its incredibly annoying to scale the ladder of success when every other comic is doing the same and were all pushing each other off for a turn.

I really did not think out the mental health scare tactic I pulled and this is a formal apology. I never would ever want my outlandish shenanigans to damage the reputation of others and SPECIFICALLY this great website most of all. HUGE HUGE HUGE apologies @Tom this was the worst decision I've made in a long while. Newgrounds really is home to me and I would never want to damage this marvelous safe haven on the internet. I was sorely missing the point.

I was committing HARD to the bit and i took it too far. I simply wanted to drum up some sort of numbers to my pages (standup and art) as my frustrations have grown in an industry where the amount of followers dictates whether or not I get jobs or play certain venues. I went about it in an absolute bafoonish and childlike manor. I understand the REAL scares and concerns with real mental health issues. I do not have anything wrong with me, yet I wonder if I do, because I was not thinking very far ahead. I thought I could cause such a stir it wouldnt matter. But in the end. All I got was concerned friends and if anything slightly strained relations with others.


I will do better and learn from this mistake/ to anyone I offended. I apologize here and put this on record. I only was acting out of selfish goals and this should never be a topic to be taken lightly

STILL- i am proud as ever of my acting and standup. I must say I had a lot of people fooled but this was not a good look.

Hope you can forgive me and will still give my standup/ standup experience movie Im compiling a chance. A lot of the public displays of mania were for a character that was a larger than life manic expression of myself, as a distraught comedian trying to make it. The original name for this project was 'King of Comedy 2: King of Cringe'. In the end it was hardly funny to anyone not in my inner circle and simply cringey.

My bad to Newgrounds and anyone who actually struggles with these issues. I made a mockery and have paid the piper

Continuing on my personalized apology tour now.

-Christopher 'Spinalpalm' Gassler


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