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Newgrounds was the first thing I ever saw on the internet back in 1999. I was 4 years old, I shit my pants as my mind exploded.

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Hi Everyone!

I haven't made an official post about my Patreon here yet.

Its something I've considered doing for a while. It would be ideal for me to be able to focus on more stuff I want to make and this is a way you can directly help me in doing that.

I post frequent updates for anyone who wants to follow and support my art, is interested in the process, or maybe wants to learn and get into animation themselves.

I want to make as much content for what you give so its worth donating. I feel the way I planned it out should give a fair amount of exclusive content to patrons. I wouldn't feel justified having it any other way.

The last Patreon update posted was an animation blog explaining where I'm at with the latest cartoon in progress and also a download to the .Fla project file for the 'My Throne Room' video that I just uploaded to here. It'd be awesome if you could take a moment to check out the patron tiers/ rewards and see what I am offering. Im aiming to do a lot more in the future and having support on Patreon would help me tremendously with accomplishing that. (link to page below)


If you can't/ don't want to pledge anything that's totally fine.

Whenever I am able to put out content It will always be free on here and available to the public. In the end all I really want is to make what I like to make, and entertain people with my stuff. I appreciate the support to everyone who's been following me or is just finding me now.

Thank you all for continuing to watch and support my weird videos and art. <3

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Tyson was dropped from the game in 1990 after he lost the title.

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