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Back from Magfest- Back to Work! ~ Spinalpalm Update

Posted by Spinalpalm - January 9th, 2018

Spinalpalm Update: 

Just got back from Magfest 2018- Had a Blast!! Was so awesome getting to hang out with some of my favorite people ever AND meet some really awesome new peeps! Lots of talented people I met, always very honored to experience. If anyone on here hasnt gone but has considered it I strongly recommend. Even if for just 1 day. I have been to so many conventions and Magfest takes the cake as being the most fun all around. Always something to do~!
Im gunna post some pics of the event below and then I'll get into the work update~

Squating with the Squad
Squating with the Squad ft @BoonebumMeeting Christine W Chandler
Got to meet and hangout with Christine W. Chandler!Post Magfest Dinner
Post-Magfest Dinner chillin
@Succubus Sheep and I hanging out with Christine
Piggyback 1piggyback 2
Piggyback 2Dinner Time
Time to Eat~Magfest
Driving to the event
Matlu Patlu
Custom matu and patlu X gta Gay Tony shirt made by @AmazingLarry
Paying our respects to @Binaryd00d ft. @SpaceNigs

It was a really fun 4-5 days but now that I'm home its time to get back to work. Right now my main thing I'm working on is my part for the DragonBallZ collab. Since there was an extention on the deadline it just gives me more time to put in work and make it look as good as it can. I'm really happy with how its turning out and I hope the work shows. :)

Other than the DBZ collab I have 1 small video I had @BooneBum voice in. That one has really been on the backburner and I havent had much time at all to dedicate to it. Oh- also I'll probably be editing together a small thing for magfest with some phone footage and throw it up somewhere like Twitter or something.

Planning stuff for future:
Im starting to try and slowly teach myself RPG maker because I have ideas for some funny small little stories which i think could be cool to do. @Rikert has been working on a game and posting his progress on twitter, and its really inspired me to pursue trying to work on rpg games as well. I posted on twitter about it before but I think the first small test game i plan on making will revolve around the concept of you trying to level up so you can beat up your dad. This all probably will not happen for a very very long time if it ever comes to fruition.

I guess thats all I really have to say- will most likely be going out and attending TooManyGames in a few months so if anyone on here is going maybe we'll meet up. If theres ever another picoday or newgrounds event like a theatre screening I'll 100% be down to come.


Comments (5)

Was good running into you dude, glad you had fun

Hell yeah man! :) Likewise- never a bad time had there~

Nice after action report, it read well! Hm, what's w/ the piggy back rides, Robert Crumb influence?

Why does the first picture look like an Antifa Convention without the megaphones and teargas? :P

Awesome! I ended up going to the 2013 and 2014 Magfests, but haven't been able to go for a while (hoping to do so in the future). Was there any animation panel for this year?

there was an independent freelance panel that was great but no animator this year. maybe the next

it was great hanging out at the antifa convention with you; may we bring upon the end of late stage capitalism, brother.

but forreal, lets hang again soon

im always down to hang!~